It’s Wednesday again. And although I know how wrong this feeling is, I just can’t fight it. Seeing his hands getting dirty by the chalk while writing some words in which I can’t pay attention because his big hands are in the way made me remember of the color my school’s skirt became after the last Wednesday.

- Alright… today we’re gonna be talking about Charles Darwin, the father of Evolution - he turned his body to face the class and I bit my lip looking at his lips moving. My classmates started writing and I decided to do the same in an attempt to get some Biology into my head. I grabbed an elastic from my bag, put my hair up in a ponytail and started taking notes. But nothing I’m reading on the blackboard makes sense now. All I can pay attention to are the hair strands resting across his forehead, nearly falling into his eyes, showing the lack of effort he took this morning to look good. And even then, he looks ten times hotter than any guy in this school.

- Ms. Y/N? - his lips moved in the shape of my name and for some seconds I thought I was having some kind of hallucination, but shook my head when I noticed the whole class looking at me after I got caught gawping at him. 

- Hm, yes. I’m sorry, I, I got distracted. - I cleared my throat and quickly started taking notes again. I had forgotten about the fact that even though he’s hot, he can be very picky with his students. Even with me. I felt the weight of his eyes turning away from me and giving attention to the rest of the class again.

- Okay class, we’re done by today, don’t forget about our little trip next Wednesday - his voice struggled with the sound of fourty backpacks lifting from the floor and a herd of students running out of the class.

- Aren’t you going to lunch with us today Y/N? - I heard Aaron’s voice calling my name and looked up to see his beautiful blue eyes starring at me. 

- Today I can’t, Aaron, I have to go home earlier because my mom asked me to take care of her, hm - I gasped thinking about an excuse - fish, her new fish. 

- Fish? - He narrowed his eyebrows and I nodded 

- My mom likes fishes… - I got up to look like I had to hurry. He kissed me on the cheek and went away, not really happy with my excuse. 

I looked to the front of the room and saw that Harry was still there, packing his things, with a smirk on his face. 

- That was a cheap one… - he laughed, probably talking about my fish excuse. I smiled, grabbed my purse from the ground and walked towards him, fixing my skirt in the way. 

- How do you know that I don’t, in fact, have a fish? - I landed my purse on his table and crossed my legs in front of him. He grabbed his professor bag and gazed at me. 

- Y/N, that was a mistake… - he took the strand of hair away from his eyes, looking straight to my eyes. - you are my student, and the only thing you should be taking from me are classes, and that’s the way it’s gonna be from now on.

I opened my mouth trying to express myself but I just can’t think of anything to say right now. The only thing I know right now, is that his lips look even more sexy from this distance. I stepped forward and made our bodies touch. He stepped back and started running his eyes through the room, searching for anything else to look at instead of my eyes. But his eyes kept making their way back to my mouth, as I came closer to him once again. 

- Y/N, if someone find out what we did… - he said and I put my index finger on his lips, giggling. 

- Who said anyone needs to know? - I barely had time to finish my sentence and felt his strong arms around my body pulling me against him. His lips moved fast against mine and our tongues started moving together in a strong pace.

He squeezed my butt and I saw it as a sign to pull my legs up, and that’s what I did. I wrapped my legs around his waist and immediately felt his volume growing hard underneath his jeans. He landed me on his desk, knocking down the Biology tests we handed to him today earlier. He started trailing my neck with wet kisses and I felt his hands cupping my breasts underneath the school’s shirt. He took my shirt off and his in two fast movements and started a battle with the hook of my bra. He rolled his eyes impatiently and I laughed, taking my bra off myself. 

His lips wrapped around my right nipple and he started flicking his tongue against it furiously while squeezing my left nipple. I moaned and he looked up to my eyes, changing his mouth to my other nipple, sucking it harshly. He took my skirt off in one swipe movement and took his pants off himself to make things faster, noticing how eager we were. He pressured his volume against my panties and I started moving my hips against his erection, making him even harder.

- Already this wet for me, Y/N? - he smiled, whispering against my lips and stepped back, kneeling on the floor, and I fell back on the table, resting my head. I felt his hands stroking through my panties and he gave a soft kiss right on my clit.

- Oh my God, Harry, you have to hurry up - I arched my back making my hips come closer to his face so he would give me what I wanted, and I heard him laughing

- Do I make you this desperate, Y/N? - he smirked before taking my panties off. I landed my head on the table again as I felt his thumb making small but firm circles on my clit and moaned. He seemed to be pleased with my moans, because he shoved two of his fingers inside of me, torturing me in a slow pace.

- HARRY, FASTER - I moaned and he started fingering me faster, replacing his fingers on my clit with his tongue, sucking on my pile of nerves.

- Harry, I won’t last too long - I said as I moved my hips up and down his fingers. He suddenly took them off of me, and without further notice, he thrusted his penis inside of me. His big size stretched my walls and even though it hurt a bit, it was the best feeling I’ve ever had in my life. He went back just to thrust into me again, now in a fast pace, not giving me the chance to get used to his size. But we were so desperate for this that we couldn’t take the time for it. He leaned forward me and started sucking my nipple, using his right hand to pressure my clit with his middle finger

- Come for me, baby - he started thrusting harder as my walls started tightening around his hard cock, and I felt his liquid flooding inside of me as I heard him groaning loudly. 

He rolled off of me and landed on his desk, next to me. We stood there in silent waiting our breaths to come back to normal. I looked at him and he smiled at me.

- So, classes are the only thing I should be taking from you? 


So, as I said, HERE’S a new mature one shot for you guys
It’s called Biology, and it’s specially for the Harry girls.
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